% C VI Biodegradable CPLA "Cochleari

% C VI Biodegradable CPLA "Cochleari


CPLA C% de C% renewable factum est biodegradable dicula plant sit amet, fundatur-plastic cum primum plantatum est.
VI digitis compostable CPLA spooon ASTM signa compostability occurrat.
Quod est biodegradable CPLA ad commoda et Eco-amica, GMO, liber, libera, NATIVUS CHLORUM inficiatque, nontoxic sanctus, innocens, sanum, ac sanitate Safety
Size: 141 mm
sarcina: 1,000 pieces / currus
casu magnitudine: XXXIV * * XXX 13.5cm
Net weight: 3.8 g
Color albus, customized.

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1. CPLA(Crystal PLA)  is the new biodegradable material generated by molecular crystal based on PLA material.
2. CPLA has good hardness, it technically solves the bad temperature resistance problem of PLA, Heat Resistant Up to 85°C.
3. It is elemental chlorine-free bleached, avirulent and harmless. No peculiar smell and No leaky.
4. CPLA  is fully biodgradable and eco-friendly products.
5. CPLA products can Compostable in a commercials compost facility in as little as 180 days, 100% degradation occurs over a slightly longer period of time, it is from natural to natural.
CPLA nostri products certified per FDA, is an, BPI, ASTM D6400 (XIII)CDXXXII et EN.

Ecogreen investigationis facultatem et fortis est ut quod amet emptio quantitas mole videre cum products.

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