Non-PLA and PLA Bio-Plastics/Chemicals; Revolutionary Trends, May 23-25, New York City area

1. Traditional & New Polymers: Biobased building blocks are enabling the manufacture of traditional polymers (Polyolefins/Polyesters/Nylons) as well as newer polymers such as PEF (vs PET for packaging) and Nylon 410 to name a few.

2. Environment Re-Engineering: Bill Gates funds $14M for Plantro-Chemicals and heads-up a $1 Billion fund to fight climate change.

LAND Pollution: Building blocks for polymers are being made via forest and municipal WASTES as opposed to petro-based chemicals

CLIMATE Pollution: In further support to worldwide Paris-2015 agreement on climate control, Bill Gates will be heading a $1 Billion fund to fight climate change. Use of biobased-renewable raw materials to make polymers, especially the greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4), is a step towards that goal.

WATER Pollution: About 50Blbs / year of plastic leaks into ocean with potentially adverse effects on humans via seafood. Commercialization of PHA can address that issue as it biodegrades in river and ocean waters.

Post time: Apr-10-2017
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