Solvay takes part in Plant Based Summit 2017 with wide range of biobased products

Solvay is striving to build a sustainable chemistry model to address global environmental challenges and has thus made sustainable chemistry a focus of innovation and growth.

nAt the Plant Based Summit in Lille (France), which took place this year from 25 through 27 April 2017, Solvay exhibited a wide range of biobased products, confirming the Group’s status as a major player in the area of chemistry from renewable raw materials. Solvay is also a co-founder of the Chimie du Végétal (plant based chemistry) association that organized this exhibition.
“We innovate to create eco-efficient products and processes thanks to our expertise in organic chemistry, catalysis and biotechnology,” explains Sergio Mastroianni, Initiative Leader, Solvay Research and Innovation, who added: “Our researchers worldwide are focusing on the development of products with unprecedented functionalities from renewable raw materials, and plants in particular.”
At Solvay’s booth, there were two main areas of emphasis: first, Solvay’s biobased solutions, in general, and secondly, a close-up look at guar. There were over a dozen biobased products – polymers and materials, surfactants, solvents, monomers and flavors – on display, under various brand names, including Jaguar Line, Kalix, Rhodapex, Rhodoclean, and Technyl eXten.
Technyl eXten (PA610) and Kalix HPPA are made of polyamides formulated from sebacic acid derived from castor oil. Their high-performance specifications are put to good use in many different markets, such as the automotive, electronics, in particular for smart mobile electronic devices and medical markets. Jaguar Line refers to a polymer sourced from Guar seeds – a natural polysaccharide with exceptional properties that can modify the rheology of many cosmetic and personal care products Guar seeds have been harvested by the farmers of South Asia for centuries.
“We seek to exploit the specific characteristics of bio-resources, from which we create new uses for our customers as cost effectively as possible, while reducing the environmental footprint of their products,” adds François Monnet, Solvay’s Renewable Chemistry Director and President of ACDV, a unique cross-industrial organization in Europe to boost integrative thinking and deliver concrete actions toward plant-based chemistry industrial development.

Post time: May-03-2017
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