Biodegradable Sporks, Compostable Sporks

Cornstarch Biodegradable Sporks CSP I - 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

  • This disposable Sporks / cornstarch biodegradable Sporks ( CSP I ) is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable cornstarch based resins.
  • This cornstarch cutlery is sturdy, attractive, reusable, and suitable for hot foods up to 85 Degrees C / 220 Degrees F. So it is good for both hot and cold items.
  • Because this biodegradable plastic cutlery is made from renewable resources (cornstarch), and because it's compostable, this makes a great replacement for standard plastic cutlery.
  • These Sporks will biodegrade within 180-360 days in a commercial composting facility. It's currently certified for biodegradability under the ASTM D6400 standards and EN 13432 standards.
  • These Sporks is Food Safe, applying the FDA, SGS standards.

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Cornstarch biodegradable Sporks CSP II - Biodegradable

  • Notice: 90% biodegradable with in 2 years in some conditon, but not compostable.
  • The biodegradable resin including more than 60% cornstarch and less than 40% Polyllefin (PP). It will biodegrade 90% in 2 years. And It is cheap, only a little expensive than the standard plastic Sporks. So the biodegradale Sporks ( CSP II ) will is a good alternative to standard plastic Sporks.
  • This corn starch Sporks are sturdy, attractive, reusable.
  • Corn starch Sporks are as strong as plastic Sporks, and the temperatures tolerance is up to 120 Degrees C / 248 Degrees F, so they are suitable for both hot and cold food.
  • These Sporks are Food Safe, applying the FDA, SGS standards.

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PLA Spoons

Poly Lactic Acid ( PLA ), widely known as 100% biodegradable material, is derived from 100% annually renewable plant resource, corn for example. Lactic acid is made from dextrose by fermentation.Then through series of process, such as refining, dehydration, polymerization, high-temp de-polymerization and finally polymerization, lactic acid is then converted into PLA resin.

Biodegradable Spoons made from normal PLA has a low heat-resistant, and are suitable for cold food.

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