14 Coolest Things Printed in 3D

From Specially Designed Food to Musical Instruments here are 14 Coolest Things Printed in 3D. What would you 3-D print?!

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#7 – Musical Instruments
While they may not be of professional quality or sound like the instruments they mimic, but the fact that we can create musical instruments that actually work is really, really cool. So far, there have only been flutes, violins, and guitars printed from a 3D printer, but MIT researchers hope to create a few more new things in the near future. They want to create instruments that have never existed before, like a multi-pipe trumpet. I predict that in the next five to ten years that symphonies and orchestras are going to start sounding very, very different than what we’ve grown accustomed to.

#6 – Prosthetics
Not only can you print a 3D prosthetic to replace an arm that your dog was born without, but you can now print one out for yourself as well, if you need it, of course. The 3D printer is changing the game when it comes to making people more confident and independent, which is absolutely awesome. 3DSystems are the ones that recently printed a set of custom leg blades for a dog born with half-formed legs; now the dog is running around like it had been doing so its entire life. Just last year, a 3D printing company named MakerBot helped create a prosthetic hand with fingers that can be controlled by wrist movements. This is simply amazing technology, just think about all of the lives it will change.

#5 – A Working Camera and Lens
If you wanted a camera and only had $30 and about 15 hours to spare, you can now create and print a working SLR camera complete with a lens. You can fully print the model in 15 hours, and it takes less than an hour to assemble it. It takes pretty decent quality photos and is compatible with any photographic lens. If you prefer to have a 3D printed lens too, you can find instructions on how to do so on the web.

#4 – Office Buildings
Yes, you read that correctly, people are using 3D printers to print out office buildings, just not all at once. The building is constructed piece by piece from a 3D printer. A company named Winsun has not only printed and assembled a five-story office building, but they have also created several different homes, including a mansion. While this is certainly impressive, the plumbing and electrical work were still done in a traditional manner.

#3 – Specially Designed Food
Imagine a world where when you went to order the menu item you wanted, it was designed, created, and cooked at with the right ingredients for you. Maybe it’s a cookie that has just the right amount of calories with just a touch of that extra fiber you need in your daily diet. That day is here folks, so get your forks out! Researchers at Cornell University came up with the concept after they took two people’s information like the person’s height, weight, and BMI, put the information into a 3D printer and came out with two identical snowflake cookies. Even though they looked exactly alike, each cookie was made of different ingredients based on the person’s individual nutritional requirement. Could you imagine the crazy customer complaints we’re soon going to hear about? Geez.

#2 – A Self-Driving Car
The people of Dubai do a wonderful job at making such absurd and luxurious items that the rest of the world can do nothing except stare in awe and wonder. Prepare to have your mouth drop after hearing about this 3D printed, self-driving car that they have created in Dubai. The car, dubbed the WiGo, was unveiled at GITEX in Dubai and it was met with excitement. Dubai has been trying to move its country to autonomous vehicles for some time now, and this is a giant leap forward in the right direction. The car has two pairs of seats, a large flat screen, and four iPads. The passengers use the iPads to determine where they are headed as well as for pure entertainment. The WiGo uses both long and short range ultrasonic sensors along with a GPS tracking system to help the vehicle maneuver past obstacles and human beings. I wonder how many years it will take for Dubai to be full of these self-driving vehicles.

#1 – Human Tissue
While this may seem a little strange and very creepy, being able to print human tissue will allow doctors and surgeons to fix an abundance of problems at a fraction of the cost. Medicine scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have created a 3D bioprinter that can produce human tissue that is strong and durable enough to endure transplantation. The machine uses biodegradable materials to form the shape of the tissue while water-based gels act to contain the cells, on top of this a strong, temporary outer surface is created. As of now, they have used this technology to print ear, bone and muscle structures. In the future doctors hope to be able to print living tissue and organs for surgical implantation.

Post time: Jun-13-2017
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