BEAUTIFUL GARDEN: Use wood-chip mulch or other soil-cover

Wood-chip Mulch, and other soil -covers for beautiful garden:
Use of soil covers such as- wood mulch, stone, bricks and others, help in controlling weeds, preservation of moisture and thus reducing frequency of watering and water cost . Also it prevents damage from extreme heat or cold. On slopes it reduces soil erosion. How to do it? (1) Clean the flower-bed from weeds and dig and stir the soil few inches deep. Add appropriate amount of manure and/or compost , along with N:P:K fertilizer, about two spoon, 2-3 times in a season. Each time, around 10 gram of the granular fertilizer mix – Nitrogen: Phosphorus: Potassium, 10:10:10 or 12:12:12, you need not have to buy a special brand, generic will do. This mix can be used for vegetable plants as well. (2) Get any one of the following covers: newspaper, brown packing paper, thin cardboard sheet, unusable or unwanted bed sheet (chader), fiber-glass sheet or plastic sheet with fine holes , so that water can pass through. Place it around the plant and all over the flower-bed. For new plant dig the hole and put potting soil mix, ready-made or you r-self. Place the paper, cotton sheet, or fiber glass sheet with plus sign cut where and the plant is to placed. Press the soil lightly around the plant and water it. (3) Spread 2-3 inches of the wood-mulch or other appropriate soil-cover . Some of the suggested soil covers are: wood-chip mulch or other plant material – peanut shell, or shells of almond (badam), pecan, walnut (akhroat), cheerongi, or stone, brick or earthen tile pieces (around 2 inch size), or anything appropriate so that water can go through to irrigate the plants. 4. Water the plant. Enjoy gardening. Yes, you will have great results.

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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