BTF – Doddl – Makes Eating A Doddle

Behold The Future…For children aged 12 months+, Supports little ones instinctive self-feeding behaviour, Encourages development of the pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write, Short ergonomically designed handles makes controlling cutlery easier, Allows child to develop skills and make the successful transition to adult cutlery.

Doddl Knife…
Revolutionary item helping to transform children’s meal times
Innovative design supports the child’s hand and wrist whilst they learn to cut through food
Blade of the knife is very effective at cutting food but completely safe to use
Specific design of the handle mimics the correct grip for successfully using adult cutlery

Doddl Fork…

Bright colour contrast and the unique shape of the handle encourages ‘pincer’ grip – an important development milestone
Fork prongs are functionally sharp but certified safe
Handle easily rotates in child’s hand so they can switch between scooping and stabbing food

Doddl Spoon…

Handle sits comfortably within the child’s palm
Much easier to grip and control
Metal utensil helps with transition onto adult cutlery

Post time: Jun-13-2017
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