Cambridge University Goes Compostable

Every month, the University of Cambridge saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon. How? By switching to compostable packaging, creating clear bin signage, training catering staff and engaging students.

The University of Cambridge Catering Services used the services of our partners at Vegware, who supply catering disposables made from plants, not plastic.

All Vegware and Down2Earth products, from takeaway boxes and plates to coffee cups and cutlery, is recycled with food waste.

Vegware’s environmental team helped set up the right waste system for all used Vegware to be composted together with food waste, and ran Green Day events to help students understand the new bin system.

As Vegware’s partners and distributors here in Ireland, we are aim to do the same with our Irish campuses. Down2Earth can come to your workplace or campus and figure out the best way to implement these changes for your organisation. Get in touch today –

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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