DIY Dream Catcher || Recycle Newspaper

Hey everyone.
Its been a while since i have uploaded a new video. So here it is.
I absolutely love this project. It is annoying but i absolutely love the final product and dream catcher.

Making Procedure:
1 Flower Centered Dream Catcher
-Make flower with 8 Petal Shape Ring—2 inch diameter(remover container)
-Small ring on the edge of wrapped flower–1 inch diameter(Paint Bottle)
-Make 3 flower with small ring–1 inch diameter(Pain Bottle ) and Wrap

2 Pentagram Centered Dream Catcher
-Small Pentagram Made with the ring–3 inch(Tape Roll)
-Big Pentagram Made with the ring– 6.5 inch( bowl)
-Small ring(1 inch-Paint Bottle Surrounding the edge of Big Pentagram
-Petal shape ring at the bottom–made of ring-2 inch diameter-remover Container

3. Circle Layered Dream Catcher
-1st 3 ring( 6.5 inch-Bowl, 3 inch-Tape roll and 1.5 inch-Face Wash Cap)
-2nd ring( 3 inch-Tape roll and 1.5 inch-Face Wash Cap)
-3 Taped Petal( 1.5 inch-face wash Cap)
-3 flower made of small ring-1 inch diameter- paint bottle

4.Random Design(reminds me of alien)
-Small Ring of 1 inch diameter(Paint Bottle) glued with petal shape ring of 1.5 inch diameter(face wash cap)
-3 ring( 6.5 inch-Bowl, 3 inch-Tape roll and 1.5 inch-Face Wash Cap)
-Small ring of 1,5 diameter(Face wash cap) on top.

5th one
-Random designed on top
- At center-flower(made of 2 inch diameter petal shape-remover contianer) and ring of same size
-2 ring of petal and round shape on each side

6th one
-Start with big ring(3 inch diameter-tape roll) and wrap thick layer of Paper stick
-Surround it with ring(1 inch diameter-Paint Bottle)
-Wrap it with Paper stick creating thick Layer
-then comes the middle part which has Big ring(3 inch in diameter-tape roll) and glue 2 butterfly on the base and a small ring below it.
then hang flower(made of small ring-1 inch diameter) and and Petal ring on each side(1.5 inch-face wash Cap)

and that was one hell of a description. haha…. I am writing all this detailed description so it will helps in creating general idea regarding the material i have use and proportion aspect. Obviously you can use any thing make different size of ring and the get same or different result according to it. All you need to do maker ring of different size and play around.

Few tips
-Use transparent Nylon Cord if you have. I wanted to but use it but since i didn’t,i used regular string. Main thing is make sure the string and hold the weight.
-After Taping two pieces the glue on the end of the tape generally gets removed. so apply glue on the end and finish it.
-You can also finish every thing by using white glue instead of hot glue but you need to be patient about it and use clip to hold when necessary.

if you want more designs and similar tutorial the do tell me in comment below . I will make more videos in future but not anytime soon i guess. I kindda have enough for now.

Thank you for watching
Music from youtube audio library “the creek”

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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