Edible cutlery by Bakeys foods pvt ltd

A safe, healthy, nutritious spoon- alternative to disposable cutlery Spoons.
A step towards Swaccha Bharat to curb plastic cutlery garbage that is carcinogenic, does not biodegrade and keeps getting reused and is unhealthy.

Now change your eating culture..stay healthy and use edible cutlery.Ideal for homes, lunch boxes, mass feeding places, big events, mid day meal, take away food joints, hotels and canteen.

Made of Jowar(Sorghum). with plain water and baked. Highly nutritious, crunchy and has long shelf life. Its a one time use spoon. 100% natural. biodegradable, vegan and vegetarian. No preservatives., chemicals or fat added.
comes in variety of tastes- sweet (with a little sugar), plain, spicy (with any of these ingredient combinations- cummin seed, black pepper, carrom seed, rock salt, ginger, garlic)
Nutri facts-(approved by National Institute of Nutrition-Hyderabad)
(per 10 gram piece of edible spoon)
Grams Micrograms
Proteins 1.06 Carotene :3.97
Fat 0.12 Thiamine :0.03
Minerals 0.13 Riboflavin: 0.01
Fiber 0.19 Niacin:0.28
Carbos 7.64 Folic Acid :1.33
Miligrams Calories:
Iron 0.56 Energy:34.86KCal
Calcium 2.43

Now what are you waiting for…. start eating and feeding your loved ones food with Edible spoons
check www.bakeys.com

Pack size starts from 25 spoons.
WE make only Lunch spoon for now, other shapes will be manufactured later.

Post time: Apr-15-2017
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