How to make a Crystal Battery

DISCLAIMER: Playing with fire, electricity is dangerous! Don’t do it unless you follow all the safety precautions. I assume no responsibility for any of your actions!

This is my replication of the crystal battery from ibpointless2 video. In my design I use an aluminum can instead of the aluminum foil. I created this video over a year ago and the battery still works today! The crystals have grown on it and busted through the sides of the can. If you are planning to make this type of a battery expect your crystals to grow as you use the battery. This is truly an amazing technology that hasn’t been fully explained. Is some sort of a piezo electric effect involved? Lets work together to end our dependence on fossil fuel :)

Here is the link to the original experiment by ibpointless2:

UPDATE: after about 2 years the outside of the can was eaten away by the crystals! I suggest using Epsom salt and Rochelle salt instead (these salts are non-corrosive). I have an updated version of the crystal battery design that actually won’t corrode over time.

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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