How to make Kinetic Sand Moon Sand


Kinetic Sand is a dilatant material made from an ultrafine sand and polydimethylsiloxane (also called dimethicone) and marketed by Waba Fun, LLC. A dilatant material is a non-Newtonian
fluid in which its viscosity increases under stress. Another dilatant material can be made from cornstarch and water (sometimes called Oobleck). The properties of Kinetic sand allows it to be
shaped into pyramids or other simple shapes and to be cut into shapes with cookie cutters or molds. Kinetic sand can also be “sliced” into pieces using a knife. Over a time of a few minutes,
or if disturbed, the shapes will collapse.

DIY Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand is one of the most fascinating inventions my kids like to play with. No mess, easy clean up and a ton of fun. The only downside is the price of one of the packages. At a proud price per package, it is not a cheap toy, considering that you won’t hop far with one package. So here is a simple recipe that is fun to make and won’t break the bank. One of our teachers at my son’s preschool shared this with us. All you need is a big tub, some flour and baby oil and let your kids to the work.

Ingredients for DIY Kinetic Sand

4 cups Flour
1 cup Baby Oil




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