How to Make Lip Balm

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I am using beeswax from the cappings out of our own beehive to make lip balm. I’m also using organic coconut oil and the oil out of vitamin E capsules to make the lip balm.

I’m putting the lip balm in lip balm tubes and using a lip balm tube filling tray to make life easier.

The beeswax was already filtered and processed earlier in the year, stored in the freezer for safe keeping.

I melted the beeswax in the double boiler first, because of the time it takes. I then added in an equal amount of organic coconut oil. Then I put in the oil from about a dozen vitamin E capsules.

Once it was all incorporated together I poured it into the tubes using the filling try.

Once the wax hardened I scraped off the excess on the top, remelted it and was able to use that to fill up an additional two lip balm tubes!

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