Medical Waste Recycling and Sterilizing Biomedical Waste On-site Three Systems Of Disposing Of Bio-hazardous Medical Waste That Are Guaranteed To Reduce Your Costs Of Operation By Not Less That 20%.

The Medwaste Technologies Mobil Processor has been in daily use for 20 years. Until January 1, 2013 the processor technology was licensed to Med Shred, Inc and Stericycle and Stericycle has had the exclusive use of the technology since 2003. Presently, Stericycle has the license for the exclusive to the use of the technology in the State of Texas.

Medwaste Technologies, after 20 years of limiting licenses, is now contractually free to offer the use of the patented ‘maceration-chemical disinfection’ processor to other companies that service medical waste facilities. Licensees of the technology are given the exclusive right to use the processors within a defined geographical area.

The ‘mobile medical waste processor’ has a long list of benefits to the company that contracts to dispose of medical waste from a hospital or clinic.

a. The Processor is totally self-contained. No utilities, either electricity or water, are required from the hospital.

b. The Processor is mobile and therefore does not take up any space at a hospital. The Processor drives up to the medical facility, grinds all of the medical waste into a confetti, disinfects the waste in a vat of sodium hypochlorite, dries the disinfected waste and discharges the waste into the regular waste compactor. As a side benefit, the need to clean and deodorize the compactor is eliminated.

c. The mobile processor will macerate and disinfect 4000 pounds of medical waste per hour. The disinfected waste is approved for disposal in any sanitary landfill.

d. The hospital is serviced at night in order not to interfere with any other suppliers who deliver during the daytime hours.

For hospitals that generate in excess of 5000 pounds of medical waste per day, Medwaste Technologes has a stationary processor that is permanent on the property of the hospital. This unit can be operated by hospital personnel or by employees of the company that supplies the processor. This stationary processor gives the hospital access to the equipment 24/7 so there is never a large accumulation of medical waste or need for a large storage area.

a. The stationary processor operates off of the electrical power and water supply of the hospital. This processor, in case of maintenance requirements or need to process waste away from the hospital, is always backed up by one or more of the mobile units.

b. The company that supplies the stationary processor will also supply all maintenance and chemicals needs of the processor.

For clinics, doctor’s offices and occupants of medical professional buildings, Medwaste Technologies has operated for 8 years a ‘clinic unit’ that has a reduced processing capacity and the processed medical waste is taken by the company for disposal in any sanitary land field.

a. All personnel used to operate this Clinic Unit are employees of your service company.

b. No electricity, water or chemicals are required by the customer. The Clinic Unit, like the mobile processor, is totally self contained and the company is responsible for the disposal of the processed waste.

c. With all of the equipment used by Medwaste Technologies for processing the medical waste, the company supplies carts for use by the hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or any other customer. These carts are cleaned after the medical waste has been processed and returned to the place designated by the customer.

Medwaste Technologies will build and lease the processors or build and sell the processors to our licensee. Medwaste Technologies will grant an exclusive geographical area to the licensee and will not allow any other entity to use the patented equipment in the exclusive area of the licensee. A royalty of 2% of the gross revenue generated from the use of any or all of the processors is paid by the licensee on a monthly basis. The initial term of the license is ten years with automatic renewals of ten years each.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017
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