O-CLEAN3 oil cleaning liquid usage step1

O-CLEAN3 is a water based, non-hazardous, oil cleaning liquid. It is used to effectively clean oil and dirt from industrial floors, machinery and workmens’ hands too. Paint finish or lustre on machinery is not affected if O-CLEAN3 is used to clean oil from machinery.

The steps to effectively clean oil using O-CLEAN3 water-based liquid are:

1. Select the oily area to be cleaned. In the above video, you will note that an area of 1 square foot at the corner of the metallic plate is being cleaned.

2. Pour some O-CLEAN3 oil cleaning liquid in the selected area. This part is not shown in video.

3. Using a plastic brush or metallic brush, scrub the area and spread O-CLEAN3 throughout selected area, as shown in video. Scrubbing is required to break the oily surface layer so that O-CLEAN3 can penetrate deeper.

4. After scrubbing, allow some soaking time so that O-CLEAN3 can penetrate and dissolve the oil completely. On metallic surfaces as shown in video, a soaking time of 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient. For concrete floors with deep oil stains that are not cleaned for many months, more soaking time will give best results.

5. After sufficient soaking time, simply pour water and clean off the surface using a mop or wiper. If water pouring is not possible, use wet sponge or wet mop to clean the surface. You can watch second part of above video of pouring water and cleaning the metallic surface on the following link: http://bit.ly/OilCleaningStep2

Note: O-CLEAN3 is completely non-hazardous and non-corrosive as it is free from caustic. Hand gloves are not necessary for handling O-CLEAN3. In the video, gloves are worn due to rules of the Organisation where this demo was conducted.

For more details on O-CLEAN3 water based oil cleaning liquid, please visit manufacturer’s website http://www.steelplantspecialities.com

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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