The COOL Project: Cooperation for Organics Out of Landfill

BASF is committed to the diversion of organic waste from landfill through the use of compostable plastics such as BASF Ecoflex and Ecovio. The COOL Project (Cooperation for Organics Out of Landfill), a cooperation between BASF Australia, Woolworths, Compost Australia, Zero Waste Australia and the Murrumbidgee Shire Council provides proof that composting of organic waste on farm as well as by local councils, can be done safely, hygienically and at a low cost. Using compostable bags certified to the Australian Standard AS 4736 for biodegradable plastics, made from BASF Ecoflex, food and other organic waste was collected at both the household and commercial premises. This video documents the project over a 12 week period and establishes a precedent for the diversion of organic waste from landfill.

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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