The Mermaid & the Sea Turtles – A True Story by Mermaid Linden

One day, Mermaid Linden was swimming to her favorite cove on a remote island in the Caribbean to visit her sea turtle friends. When she arrives at this tropical paradise, she does not find what she expects……

Created by Linden Wolbert
Underwater Cinematography by Scott Smith
Aerial Cinematography by Greg Browning

Accommodations in the Bahamas thanks to Dan and Sara Werra at the Cottage at Palmirage. Book your Bahamas getaway with them today!

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Did you know? Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the most serious threats to sea life, including our beloved sea turtles? A recent study tells us that over half of the sea turtles in our world’s oceans have consumed or swallowed plastic….this can be fatal to the precious few sea turtles we have left. But there is hope!

YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE by saying NO to single-use plastics in your every day life:
~ Choose a canvas bag for your groceries and say no to plastic at the check out.

~ Say NO THANKS to plastic straws when you go out to eat or drink.

~ Use a water canteen made from stainless steel and fill it up each day at the tap (cleaner than bottled water in many cases!) instead of using single-use plastic water bottles.

~ Use wooden matches instead of plastic lighters.

~ Buy recyclable toothbrushes (available almost everywhere!) and use the easy mail-in recycling program to reduce waste when they wear out.

~ Use real silverware or compostable cutlery instead of plastic single-use utensils whenever possible.

- If you have the option, always use PAPER or GLASS instead of plastic ☺ If everyone does this, our oceans and all of the creatures in it will be much happier and healthier!

Check out this great film to help you learn more about plastic pollution with my friend Angela Sun:

An ocean of love to all of my sea fans for sharing this important message far and wide!

Royalty free music, images and stock footage licensed and purchased through:

Song: Euphoric Moment by Andrew Feeney

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Mermaid Linden’s Motto: Learn to swim and learn to dive. Love our oceans and we’ll all thrive!

Post time: Jun-26-2017
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