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(6 Oct 2010) Devecser
1. Wide shot of workers shovelling thick red sludge away
2. Close up of shovel clearing sludge
3. Man walking through wet red mud past pile of debris
4. Channel by road filled with the red liquid
5. Wide shot of a man pushing sludge by the side of a house with shovel
6. Various of frog killed by sludge
7. Various of interior of house showing damage caused by sludge flood
8. SOUNDBITE: (Hungarian) Ferenc Varga, whose property was destroyed by sludge:
“My friend got his leg into the mud and it started burning. They took him to the hospital to clean it but it is still getting worse.”
9. Dog running past
10. Various of bulldozer clearing away red sludge and debris
11. Close of fast flowing water polluted by sludge
12. Wide shot of pontoon bridge placed at the spot where bridge was destroyed by the sludge
13. Close up of two policemen on the bridge wearing face masks
14. Wide shot of the red liquid leaking out from sewage pipe
15. Wide shot of pond with red liquid
16. Wide of road in Kolontar being cleared of red sludge by emergency workers
17. Mid of digger and workers
18. Wide of local resident walking along road which is coloured red in the aftermath of the sludge flood
19. Mid of worker sweeping sludge off road
20. Masked officials walking along road, pan and pull out to wide of scene
21. Wide of workers cleaning area with shovels
22. Various of worker using shovels to clear away wet red sludge from side of street
23. Mechanical digger pushing sludge along street
24. More of workers using spades to shift sludge
25. Kitten covered in sludge being chased by clean up worker
26. Various of clean up workers standing at back of car with analysing material, organising equipment
27. Close-up of equipment being used to analyse sludge
28. SOUNDBITE (English) Jarvor Benedek, Chair of the Sustainable Development Department of the Hungarian Parliament:
“Now the weather is quite wet and this is the better situation, because if it dries out then the dust comes up and if you inhale it into the lungs, it can really cause health problems because it consists of… there are heavy metals in this red sludge, and also there is some radioactivity.”
29. Wided of stream filled with red mud
30. Close of waters flowing red
31. SOUNDBITE (English) Jarvor Benedek, Chair of the Sustainable Development Department of the Hungarian Parliament:
“There is a lot of people working here, but I think that for the total change of the soil there is a need for international help, because I am convinced that the Hungarian security bodies and all these people are not able to make this in, let’s say, in a week. We are talking about something like 50 square kilometres, so it’s not like cleaning your garden.”
32. People in fatigues walking along street
33. Dog in street
34. Wide of clean up effort
Hungary opened a criminal investigation into the caustic sludge flood on Wednesday and the European Union urged emergency authorities to do everything they could to keep the contaminated slurry from reaching the Danube River and affecting half a dozen other nations along its course.
Hundreds of people had to be evacuated after a gigantic sludge reservoir burst on Monday at a metals plant in Ajka, a town 100 miles (160 kilometres) southwest of Budapest, the capital.
At least four people were killed, three are still missing and 120 were injured as the unstoppable torrent inundated homes, swept cars off roads and disgorged an estimated one (m) million cubic metres (35 million cubic feet) of red sludge onto several nearby towns.
It was still not known on Wednesday why part of the reservoir failed.
Women with trousers coated with red mud cleared the muck away from their homes with snow shovels.

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