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Click here: http://trk.as/savemoneynow_chiefbig/?id=jenvid Xtreme Green Fuel Max Plus Saves gas, time and money. We can show you how to save between $75 and $150 dollars in Gas for $25. I sent from 7 mpg to 12 – 14 miles per gallon in my Dodge Durango after using the Fuel Max+.

Its so easy and no mess. Save Money, Save Gas. Save time.
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Just One Shot for Xtreme Green. To help stop the high price of gas.
Watch the Video http://trk.as/savemoneynow_chiefbig/?id=jenvid

Pro1One is the parent company for xtreme green automotive products that are used for gas and diesel engines in cars, trucks, semi’s, boats, trains, small engines and more.

You will experience a smoother engine, cleaner engine and cleaner emissions with fuel max plus to save gas and more. We also have the waterless wash and shine for those still effected in drought areas.

Pro1One is the Parent company of xtreme green. We are also a network marketing company looking for independent business owners that want to share this product.

This will help you reduce the high price of gas Watch the Video http://trk.as/savemoneynow_chiefbig/?id=jenvid

I use the fuel max plus or fmp, fuel max+, fuelmaxplus or whatever name you want to call it. Its one of the cleanest products to use in your vehicle. Its Green.

We are used in the Middle East too. They buy this product from Pro1One to help in drilling for oil.

Are the high prices of gas stopping you from traveling or doing more driving? How would you like to drive more miles and spend less money and treat your vehicle to products it loves and appreciates.

These products are industrial strength, concentrated formulas that do the trick.
xtreme green automotive products for a long healthy lifestyle for your vehicle.
with todays car in mind and tomorrows environment.

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Watch the Video http://trk.as/savemoneynow_chiefbig/?id=jenvid

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xtreme green fuel max plus saves gas pro1one

Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST)

It is an executive order that agencies:

improve energy efficiency
reduce greenhouse gas emissions
reduce petroleum based Products
increase Renewable Energy,BioEnergy and Water Conservation.

How can we do this?

Xtreme Green biobased products are epa registered and
they are environmentally preferred product which can be used
which Alternative fuel vehicles, Gas and Diesel.

These are Xtreme Green Automotive products with low or no toxic or hazardous
constituents with Non-ozone depleting substances.

Now, I also want to address Vehicle Fleet Management.

— Reduce your fleets consupmtion of petroleum products.
— Increase biofuels.
— Extend the life cycle of engines, motors and equipment.

Strategies and Tools

In order to achieve the petroleum reduction goals here are
10 things you can do to save money on fuel and also reduce
your Carbon Blueprint on the World.

1. Consolidate Trips, Use VideoConferencing, Web Conferences and Mass Transit.

2. Use High Economy Vehicles, Hybrids and Advanced Fuel Technology Vehicles.

3. Consider having the “RIGHT SIZE” vehicle because size matter just
enought to complete the task.

4. Use energy efficient tires and other advanced technologies for vehicles.

5. Reduce Vehicle Consumption of Petroleum products.

Walk instead of driving.

Car pool on work-related travel.

Use the most fuel-efficient vehicle available for daily activities and travel.

Consolidate local trips and meetings when appropriate.

Use conference calls or virtual meetings in lieu of face-to-face mee

Follow vehicle manufacturers suggested maintenance procedures.
Check vehicle tire pressure periodically. Under-inflated tires can
easily reduce MPG by 2.

Avoid idling for long periods of time.

Avoid sudden stops or bursts of speed.

Avoid overfilling the tank, allowing for gasoline expansion.

6. Drive at reduced speed for each mile per hour over 55,

7. Learn what you can do to help reduce air pollution and
Diesel Reduction

8. Follow idle reduction policies for buses and high emitting vehicles.

9. Simply change your driving habits to increase your fuel economy.
Slow down to 55 to save 15% fuel, use Cruise Control

10. Repairing a car that is noticeably out of tune

11. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

I have something that can economize your fuel, reduce petroleum consumption,
extend the lifetime of your vehicle, get more miles per gallon, burn cleaner
emissions, and increase performance and stability of the vehicle.

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