8 Years Manufacturer Biodegradable disposable 12oz cup to Egypt Manufacturers

8 Years Manufacturer
 Biodegradable disposable 12oz cup to Egypt Manufacturers

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8 Years Manufacturer Biodegradable disposable 12oz cup to Egypt Manufacturers Detail:

Ordinary materials:

The main raw material ingredient extracted from oil and oil resources have been increasingly scarce, all materials are extracted from the oil burning of non-biodegradable will pollute the environment.

BioPlastic materials:

The main using starch as raw materials, starch extracted from plants, belonging to the renewable resources is a return to natural environmental degradation products.

Important Characteristics for our Biobased food packaging products:

Hygienic, non-toxic and safe for human usage
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Safely resistant to seepage in temperatures of up to 100℃ (for water) and 120℃ (for oil)
Safely usable in conventional ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers
Being degradable as well as recyclable it is very safe and friendly to the environment. It will biodegrade within a period with the necessary moisture and oxygen.
Contain no harmful, additives, preservatives and colourants.
Affordable, cost effective and sustainable alternative.

Biobased packaging
» is packaging made from mother nature’s gifts.
» can be made from renewable resources or waste streams
» can offer innovative features and beneficial barrier properties
» can help to reduces the depletion of finite fossil resources and CO2 emissions
» can offer environmental benefits in the end-of-life phase
» offers incredible opportunities.

Ecogreen  has strong research capability and can deal with a bulk quantity purchase order and customized products.

Welcome to contact with us for more details.

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8 Years Manufacturer
 Biodegradable disposable 12oz cup to Egypt Manufacturers detail pictures

8 Years Manufacturer
 Biodegradable disposable 12oz cup to Egypt Manufacturers detail pictures

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    It can be said that this is a best producer we encountered in China in this industry, we feel lucky to work with so excellent manufacturer.

    5 Stars By Christina 2016-8-16 16:55
    The customer service staff's answer is very meticulous, the most important is that the product quality is very good, and packaged carefully, shipped quickly!

    5 Stars By Andrew 2016-8-15 19:56

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