Hot sale Factory 8oz single wall disposable hot coffee cup to Slovenia Manufacturer

Hot sale Factory
 8oz single wall disposable hot coffee cup to Slovenia Manufacturer

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Hot sale Factory 8oz single wall disposable hot coffee cup to Slovenia Manufacturer Detail:

Capacity Diameter(mm)
Top Bottom Height
2.5oz 47mm 34mm 47mm
4ozA 61mm 46mm 60mm
4oz 67mm 48mm 60mm
6oz 76.6mm 55mm 79mm
6ozA 74mm 48mm 82mm
7oz 73mm 53mm 79mm
7.5oz 70.3mm 47mm 90mm
8oz 80mm 55mm 90mm
9oz 76mm 53mm 95mm
10oz 80mm 55mm 109mm
10ozB 90mm 58.8mm 109mm
12oz 90mm 58.8mm 113mm
16oz 90mm 58.8mm 137mm

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Hot sale Factory
 8oz single wall disposable hot coffee cup to Slovenia Manufacturer detail pictures

Hot sale Factory 8oz single wall disposable hot coffee cup to Slovenia Manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: , , ,

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