Casetify compostable phone case is smart protection

Every time I have to replace a box, the old box usually ends up being thrown in the trash can or collecting dust somewhere. With Casetify, everything from the packaging to the phone case itself is 100% compostable, so when you need to discard the old phone case, you can know that you are doing your part to reduce waste.
These boxes are made of a combination of bamboo particles and plant fibers, and are 100% compostable from start to finish. With 6.6 feet of drop protection, these protective cases can help protect your phone in the most reliable way.
Launched earlier this summer, these boxes are made of special plant materials, and the packaging is 100% environmentally friendly. Even the ink is non-toxic and is made of soybeans. These boxes also come in a variety of colors and patterns, including floral patterns, pictures suitable for Instagram, and graphic art. For people like me who like to make a fuss about the perfect phone case, these options are simply a dream. In the real Casetify fashion, you can even customize selected cases by adding your name and cool font details to show your personality.
Through this series of cases, the retailer hopes to raise the standard of environmentally friendly selection of mobile phone accessories. Wesley Ng, CEO and co-founder of Casetify, said: “At Casetify, we believe that what you put into the world is as important as what you take out of it.” “Ultra Compostable Case provides the best environmentally friendly materials while providing the best Way to protect your equipment and design it according to your personal taste.”
From US$40 to US$55 per time (depending on your phone model), these phone cases are absolutely durable. I tried a few in a few weeks and I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the material is. When I dropped the phone, they were not fragile and showed no obvious signs of damage (they have 6.6 feet of drop protection, just for reference). In addition, they are very easy to clean. Although I usually don’t think about cleaning my boxes, considering plant-based materials, these boxes are easy to keep in good condition. For example, if you place them near a sink or accidentally place them on a damp surface (which I often do), the water will not be absorbed into the shell. Not to mention, I can also easily install PopSocket to help me better hold my phone for selfies.
When comparing them with some standard Casetify cases, there is not much difference in appearance and functionality between the two. They can fully protect your phone. However, I did notice that some Ultra High Impact cases have slightly higher fall protection and have an antibacterial coating to help eliminate bacteria. At the same time, they use only 50% of environmentally friendly materials compared to compostable bins. Besides, at first glance, you cannot tell which is the more environmentally friendly option. They are all high-quality, durable and compatible with wireless charging. Keep in mind that they are slightly thicker on the edges, so if you are looking for a thin case, these may not be for you.
Although I haven’t tried compostability yet, I would say that these are some of the most durable cases I have, and some of the best selection cases. As an avid phone case buyer, one thing I appreciate is the number of different styles available-Casetify has not disappointed yet. If you want your phone to be comfortable and safe, and at the same time feel like you are paying for the planet, then you can’t go wrong with these compostable cases.
If you are interested in picking one for yourself, they are currently available to Apple and Samsung users.
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Post time: Sep-14-2021