Professional factory selling Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Spork to Peru Manufacturer

Professional factory selling
 Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Spork to Peru Manufacturer

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Professional factory selling Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Spork to Peru Manufacturer Detail:

Ordinary materials:

The main raw material ingredient extracted from oil and oil resources have been increasingly scarce, all materials are extracted from the oil burning of non-biodegradable will pollute the environment.

Bio-based materials:

The main using starch as raw materials, starch extracted from plants, belonging to the renewable resources is a return to natural environmental degradation products.

Our Biobased cultery:

Our biobased cutlery,”plant-starch” cultery is excellent for hot foods with a heat tolerance up to 110 centigrade.
Compared traditional cutlery made from 100% virgin plastics, this cutlery is made with 70% renewable material,which is a alternative choice.
Our biobased cutlery made from 70% renewable resources, although it is not compostable,but biobased and biodegradable.
The temperature tolerance between -10 to 110 centigrade. Microwave, fridge, freezer and oven friendly.
It is healthy, hygienic, nontoxic, harmless and safty.

Ecogreen  has strong research capability and can deal with a bulk quantity purchase order and customized products.

Welcome to contact with us for more details.

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Professional factory selling
 Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Spork to Peru Manufacturer detail pictures

Professional factory selling
 Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Spork to Peru Manufacturer detail pictures

Professional factory selling Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Spork to Peru Manufacturer, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: , , ,

    Wageningen University, Netherlands, 15th September 2008
    1. Wide exterior of restaurant
    2. Wide interior restaurant and customers
    3. Various of food
    4. Various people eating
    5. Pull in to mid shot of monitor on ceiling
    6. Pan up from plate to customer eating
    7. Close up of customer eating
    8. Close up of ceiling monitor with view down to restaurant
    9. Mid shot hand on control stick on desk with keypad and screen
    10. Pull out from close up of man’s face to mid shot showing monitor with views of customers in restaurant
    11. Mid shot man and woman eating on television monitor
    12. Close of man on monitor
    13. Mid of man eating
    14. Mid of customers inside restaurant
    15. Close up man’s face
    16. Wide of man pouring fresh orange juice at counter
    17. Close up of customer’s food tray
    18. Mid shot of man serving at checkout
    19. Mid shot of checkout display screen
    20. Set up Rene Koster Director of the restaurant
    21. SOUNDBITE (Dutch), Rene Koster Director of the Restaurant of Future Foundation:
    “There have been researches on the influence that flowers have on space. We have found that people’s reaction and mood is completely different in a space with flowers and in a space without flowers. Men buy things differently from women. Men tend to choose quicker and are very interested in products that are new, women think through their choice for a certain product more. All these things that we have found in the research match with similar tests elsewhere. There are many differences between men and women. We are researching the long-term patterns of people’s behaviour”.
    22. Various wide of restaurant
    23.SOUNDBITE (Dutch), Vida Mohammadanin, restaurant guest
    ” No, I’m not all the time conscious of that there is a research going on. I simply make my usual choices of food”.
    24. Wide of customers at table
    25. SOUNDBITE (Dutch), Bram van Toren restaurant guest
    ” I think that it is the case.The food is offered in different ways and that’s why you are stimulated more or less to buy things. The smell is also of influence when something smells nice you tend to buy it more quickly”.
    26. Mid shot scientist applying sensors to woman seated in chair with plastic hood
    27. Close up sensors being applied to woman’s head
    28. Close up scientist’s face
    29. Close up of girl biting into apple with sensors and wires attached to face
    30. SOUNDBITE (Dutch), Rene de Wijk, Senior Scientist:
    “For example, I can give him or her advice about food. Looking at his or her history, the psychological and physiological situation we can offer you this and this and then not only the kind of product that someone should eat, but also the size of the portion. If someone has just done a workout he needs different kind of food than someone who just stands up from behind his desk”.
    31. Mid shot people at table in restaurant
    32. Close up pan on man with the mug
    33. Close up of monitor screen
    LEAD IN:
    For decades advertisers have tried to manipulate our behaviour to make us desire one product rather than another. Cakes can be made to look more moist, fruit can appear fresher and meat more succulent.
    Now scientists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands are taking the principal several steps further.
    They’ve set up a restaurant with spy cameras which can track and record their customer’s movements, hesitations, facial expressions, weight, posture, even their eating habits.
    They hope the project, set up with a catering firm and a software company will reveal the secrets of why we make the choices we do.
    It looks like any other cafeteria, the food is arranged in an appetising manner and customers linger over the counter deciding what they would like to eat.
    More targeted experiments are done upstairs.

    You can license this story through AP Archive:
    Find out more about AP Archive:

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    We are a small company that has just started, but we get the company leader's attention and gave us a lot of help. Hope we can make progress together!

    5 Stars By Mark 2015-12-10 16:18
    The factory can meet continuously developing economic and market needs, so that their products are widely recognized and trusted, and that's why we chose this company.

    5 Stars By Marco 2016-9-28 14:43

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