2 (English) About paper honeycomb panels

The honeycomb panels are used as packaging for shock-absorption and fixing of products during transport among others. We manufacture panels, bars and blocks for various industries, including the furniture industry.

The strong, yet lightweight panels are made from paper, recycled paper called test liner, or new thick paper called kraft liner. Generally, the core of the panel – with the cell structure called the core – is made from recycled paper, while the release paper is made from kraft liner. This is how we achieve the nicest surface and also the strongest panel as the fibres in kraft liner are longer and stronger. The strength, the quality and the compression strength of the panel depend on the size of the cells and the quality of the paper.

The completed panels can be cut to different sizes. This is often the case with barsor fillers for shock-absorption and fixing of packed furniture – knock-down furniture”.

Small panels or bars can be cookie-cut to make the handling easy and flexible. They are thus only partially cut through from both sides which make them easier to handle during transport as they can be broken off as needed.

Panels and bars may also be slit, that is partially cut through from only one side so that they are easily broken off and used for edge protection or the like.

Paper’s honeycomb panels offer countless possibilities. We would be pleased to find a solution that meets your requirements – and our development department will work eagerly to find a solution for your business.

Please remember that the honeycomb of paper is recyclable, biodegradable and compressible. Visit our website for more videos with other solutions, e.g. with punch (also called die-cut) which further improves the possibilities of fixing and protecting fragile products.

Post time: Oct-14-2017
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