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Don’t you just LOVE new heady art that is actually a pipe that you can smoke weed out of?… I mean new glass off the top is just a thing of beauty. From the first hit to the first memory made it is something you cherish!

This is probably one of the best weed pipes I have ever owned and it is for sure a crazy weed pipe! Hands down one of the most awesome weed pipes to blaze out of…

This may also be because I don’t generally go to a pipe for a session but this piece is something of beauty and was made with LOVE for all the fam over at American Helix!!! You can feel the energy of the piece and that is the connection to the artists!

We really go HAM on this video and get into a fun session with a couple of American Helixes pieces…

So get out your pipe or favorite pipes, bong, blunt, joint, vaporizer or whatever your preferred smoking method is and lets get MEDICATED!!!



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Post time: Aug-06-2017
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