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We are the developers of a new, innovative, state-of-the-art machine that solves the problems faced by bottlers and consumers who use traditional polycarbonate bottles on water coolers. Having worked in the water industry for many years, we found that there were issues that needed to be addressed in order to provide safe, clean drinking water to consumers. Problems such as: 2 way packaging (returning bottles for re-use) and the concern over the chemical Bisphenol A which can leech into the drinking water from polycarbonate bottles. (Bisphenol is used in polycarbonate bottle material and is a major concern of Health Canada and the US Food & Drug Administration).

KN Machinery Inc has developed a high speed bagging machine which produces a bag within a second carrying bag with a handle. In addition, we have developed an adaptor which will quickly and easily convert any water cooler to enable it to dispense water from the bag instead of a bottle. Our bags do not contain Bisphenol A and every bag is new.

The bagged water system is environmentally friendly because the used bags are collected for recycling and the process of washing returned bottles with chemicals is eliminated.

The bags of water take up significantly less space than traditional bottles and it is therefore far more economical to transport large quantities of water.

This technology represents the future of drinking water shipments.

Using this system, everyone can enjoy the benefits and advantages of clean drinking water.

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Post time: Aug-11-2017
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