BeeMagic Tray Most Innovative Packaging for meat, poultry, fish and vegetables

Traditional absorbers are no longer used for our BeeMagicTray for MAP [Modied Atmosphere Packaging], which enables us to issue a DOC [declaration of compliance] for our BeeMagicTray.
The BeeMagic Tray uses a monoperforated film placed above the capillary honeycomb structure base. This structure base
is most efficient for moisture absorption. The perforated film ensures less moisture loss since no absorption materials are
used which have a suction effect on the packaged product.
Thanks to the perforated film, the gas mixture also comes into direct contactwith the underside of, for example the
packaged product. This also creates optimal gas distribution, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and has a positive
effect on the shelf life, resulting in a considerably better bacterial count on the expiry date. There is also less pigmentation of the packaged product. In addition, through the perforated support film, no imprint of the base structure is visible in
the packaged product. The packaged product is separated from
its moisture, resulting in reduced acidification. The entire concept is 100% mono, making it fully recyclable, unlike the tray
with absorber which has to be separated independently.

Post time: Jul-31-2017
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