best human heart working model.MPG

Hi viewers,
I have made this interesting model of heart for my school science exhibition, I would like to share that is has been made by using simple available materials in our surrounding:
1. wooden pieces (bought and cut as needed from nearby carpenter shop)
2. an iron wire (just hammered in the shape refer the video)
3. 2 syringes as well as cotton tread and nuts.
4. At last simple decoration- a 6X4 size of board as base(you can use other idea too). a heart coloured and shaped drawing on paper. for final touch “cotton fevicoled on base”

The air is been sucked and operated by syringes as we move the iron wire, balloons swell and shrink simultaneously, and as we increase the rate of movement heart beats more faster.

Post time: Aug-16-2017
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