Booger Balls! Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick Make SLIMY, GROSS, MESS! BOOGER BALLS SHAKER MAKER

SLIME TIME & The Biggest Booger Balls! Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick make a HUGE, SLIME, GROSS, SNOT, Booger Ball and have a huge accident with Squidward! This is a funny Spongebob Squarepants toy parody story featuring the NEW 2016 Booger Balls Shaker Maker, along with Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward, and Patrick!

This is a fun toy parody with “slime time” “Spongebob” story episode youtube video. Spongebob and Patrick are playing outside with the slime “Booger Balls Shaker Maker” and making big “Booger Balls”! They are outside Squidward’s house playing with the slime booger balls. Squidward gets upset because they are being really loud! He comes outside and tells Spongebob and Patrick to be quiet. Later Spongebob and Patrick make the “biggest booger ball” they’ve ever made with the slime and snot! This “biggest booger ball” can balance on top of Spongebob’s head. Patrick decides to go tell Squidward to look at the “biggest booger ball” that they’ve ever made with the “Booger Balls” shaker maker! Squidward comes outside to see and he isn’t thrilled. Patrick asks Squidward if he can balance the “booger ball” on top of his head like Spongebob. Squidward doesn’t want to try, but OOPS! It’s too late, when Patrick puts the booger ball on his head it bursts with “slimy, gross, snot” and makes a huge nasty booger mess!

Thanks so much for watching our slime video featuring the NEW 2016 Booger Balls Shaker Maker playset.

WATCH Our Review/DEMO & Playtime with the NEW 2016 Booger Balls Shaker Maker Here:

SLIMY, GROSS, ICKY, SNOT! Booger Balls Shaker Maker New for 2016 isn’t a water ballon instead it’s a slimy booger filled with SNOT! Mix ‘Em, Pick ‘Em, Flick ‘Em!

The “Booger Balls” “Booger Balls Shaker Maker” is tons of fun and easy to use. This would be an awesome outdoor toy. The Booger Balls are similar to water balloons but instead they are gross, slimy, snot boogers that ooze slime!

The Booger Balls Shaker Maker toy comes with easy to follow instructions to make 30 booger balls with this “Booger Balls Shaker Maker” set.

The Booger Balls are safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. This Booger Balls Shaker Maker set is for children ages 5 and up.

Pick A Booger Battle!
Fais une bataille de boules de morve

It’s Snot A Water Ballon!
Ce n’est pas un ballon d’eau

Booger Ball
Boule de morve

Shaker Maker
Shaker de morve

Shake your boogers!
Agite ta morve

Make a booger bath
Fabrique tout un bac de morve

Boogers magically form
De la morve se forme comme par magie

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Kid Friendly TV

Spongebob: “What a beautiful day in Bikini Bottom. I wonder what my friend Patrick is up to”

Spongebob: “Hey Patrick, what are you up to?”

Patrick: “I was just having my annual belly lint cleaning”

Spongebob: “Aww, Patrick, hey it’s such a beautiful day in Bikini Bottom, would you like to make some Booger Balls with me Patrick?”

Patrick: “Uh, I just cleaned my nose too”

Spongebob: “Aww, no silly, Booger Balls are kind of like big bubbles, but they’re filled with nasty goo”

Patrick: “Goo!”

Spongebob: “Hehe”

Patrick: “Hey Spongebob, check out this Booger Ball”

Spongebob: “Aww, Patrick what a Booger Ball, but look at this Booger Ball, it’s going to go on my head, hehe”

Spongebob: “Check out this Booger Ball Patrick, I put on my head, hehe”

Patrick: “That’s pretty funny”

Spongebob: “This is really cool Patrick”


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