How Long Does it Take for Trash (Waste) to Rot or Decompose

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How Long To Decompose a Landfill, or How Long Does it take Trash to Rot?

Landfill decomposition in modern landfills (known as Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, and Sanitary Landfills) is slow, and much slower than most people think.
Landfill decomposition rates are so slow as to mean that it will take several thousands of years for the average landfill of today to reach a point of decomposition at which it will no longer be a threat to the environment from pollution leaking out of it.

Landfill decomposition activity is slow because landfills are not designed for rotting the waste. They are airless, and dry. That slows down decomposition, which needs plenty of moisture, lots of fresh air, and a warm temperature, not hot. landfills are hot inside though and that also slows normal biological decomposition.

So, landfill decomposition time is in the thousands of years, and yet popular culture seems unaware that this means that unless we recycle we will soon be living on, and in our own trash! Decomposition rates could be faster if the polical will was there to revert landfill design to aeroic decomposition, but that would cause other problems. So, the best thing for everyone to do is to recycle, and encourage others to do so.

for more information about why you need to recycle, from the website which is all about landfills.

Post time: May-30-2017
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