How to use a freeze dryer (lyophilizer) as a speed-vac

How to use a freeze dryer (lyophilizer) as a speed-vac

1. Speed-vac and Freeze dryer which is also known as lyophilizer, are commonly used instruments in a laboratory. Both of the instruments are used for evaporating solvent, often water, from a solution having some proteins along with salts.

2. In a lyophilizer, the solution is first frozen and placed in vacuum which leads to the water to sublimate into vapor phase.

3. Sometimes there is a risk that a protein may lose its activity upon freezing. Such solutions can be concentrated using a speed-vac. In a speed-vac the water is made to evaporate from a solution at room temperature i.e. evaporation of water from liquid to vapor phase.

4. When samples are dried using a lyophilizer; being solid the samples remain stationary and water keep on evaporating from their surface as a result of applied vacuum. Whereas in a speed-vac, sample to be concentrated or dried is liquid and it is quite likely to float off due to applied vacuum. In order to keep the liquid sample in place in vacuum, it is made to spin and the centrifugal force keeps the liquid inside the tube and spill due to floating off is prevented.

5. It is possible to use a lyophilizer as a speed-vac provided we have a mini-centrifuge which can be fitted inside the vaccum chamber of a lyophilizer.

Post time: Aug-02-2017
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