KastEZ Resin for Easy Casting

Introducing KastEZ Resin the better alternative to those less reliable, hazardous and smelly casting resins.
Low odor, KastEZ Resin has wide applications for most of your casting projects…
If you can imagine it, you can cast it in KastEZ plastic resin.
KastEZ has a . . .
• 5-minute set time
• a 1-to-1 mix ratio
• Sets to an ivory white
• It’s easy to color
Use it for . .
• Figurines
• Displays
• Prototypes
• Cold casting, and
• Special effects
In this example we have created a silicone mold and have cast a number of colorful petite’ four candies using KastEZ colored with Cirius polyurethane pigments.
We pour Part-A into a paper cup and then we pour Part-B into a second cup to the same height as Part-A. We then add just a bit of brown pigment to simulate chocolate, and mix well.
The colored resin is then poured into our mold and allowed to cure. 5-minutes later it is ready to demold . . . creating fast, but perfect reproductions of the original chocolates.
So now you know. Make KastEZ, your resin of choice. Your art will be glad you did.

Post time: Oct-02-2017
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