Processing Organic Waste For Your Compost with a Chipper Shredder!

I hate throwing away plant trimmings and other organic materials. Today I will show you a great way to speed up your compost process while using free tree and vegetable materials that are grown on your own property. This is a fairly sustainable way of conserving the resources on your site.

This chipper shredder has been the perfect companion to my tumbling composter. I can now recycle branches, corn stalks, dried leaves and all of the dead plants from the end of the growing season. The wood chips from my fruit trees are an excellent source of carbon and they help to eliminate the need for me to buy wood pellets for my compost!

The unit I bought for this review was item#60599: 212cc Chipper Shredder from Harbor Freight Tools, which was discontinued.

Here is the latest model (item#62323 ) from Harbor Freight:

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Post time: Jul-14-2017
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