Quick And Easy Desserts – Chocolate Rainbow Marshmallows

Make Cool Chocolate Rainbow Marshmallows
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Marshmallows are spongy, sugar-based candy that is coated with cornstarch.
Sweet as it may look but marshmallows can be used to cure sore throats. Kid, and even
the kids at heart love marshies, as what other people call it. It comes in different
sizes and colors, but the original form is color white and cylindrical in a piece.
In this activity, we will be teaching you how to transform the plain old marshmallow into
something cool and appealing one. This can be a great activity for the kids. So moms, if
you want your kids to help you in the kitchen, then this in the right recipe for the both
of you! So what are you waiting for? Let us begin making this!
Step 1: Gather all the ingredients and materials needed:
big marshmallows
a block of a unsweetened chocolate bar
rainbow sprinkles
microwavable bowl
microwave oven
aluminum foil
chopping board
Step 2: Slice the unsweetened chocolate bar into small bits of pieces and put it in a
microwavable bowl.
Step 3: Place the sliced chocolate in the microwave
Step 4: Set the microwave oven into medium to high settings with a 1-minute interval.
Check the consistency of the chocolate every now and then to achieve proper melting.
Do this twice or thrice until the chocolate is completely liquid.
Step 5: Dip the marshmallows on the melted chocolate. This can be fully covered or partially
covered, based on your liking. Do this for the rest of the mallows.
Step 6: Put the dipped mallows on the aluminum foil ready for sprinkling. Generously sprinkle
the rainbow sugar sprinkles on top of the mallows. Make sure that the chocolate is still
partially melted so that the sprinkles would adhere on it.
Step 7: Plate your marshmallows now ready for serving. The melted chocolate would solidify in
no time, so there is no need to refrigerate this, but if you used a milk chocolate for this
one, might as well chill it first in the fridge before serving.
Step 8: Finally done! You now have your cool chocolate rainbow marshmallows!
This chocolate rainbow marshmallows is very easy to prepare and appealing to the kids and the
kids at heart. This is a perfect treat for parties or small gathering and would definitely
satisfy your sweet cravings. Enjoy!

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Post time: Aug-10-2017
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