Tips for Growing Vegetables in Containers P. Allen Smith answers a viewers question about growing vegetables in containers and gives tips for keeping your container garden plants happy.

Tips for Growing Vegetables in Containers
I received a question from a viewer the other day. They said, “I have a condo and a small patio, and I love growing edibles in containers. But I’m having problems growing some veggies where the fruit actually matures. What could be the problem?”

You know there is nothing like growing your own edibles. No matter what size space you have you can always grow some in containers. I might not be vegetables, but you can always grow some herbs and even some edible flowers. But anyway, the reason that some of them don’t perform might have to do with light. If you want to grow vegetables like full-size tomatoes and peppers and so forth, those plants really need six hours of full sun a day.

The other thing, is you want to make sure you keep the soil consistently moist. You do not want to over water them. When it comes to food, they need to be fed regularly. I like using organic fertilizer. You see organic fertilizers feed the plant, make it big and strong and healthy, but it also adds a lot to the soil. All those microorganisms in the soil make a big difference.

And then of course, you need to consider the soil you’re using in your containers. You can’t just dig soil up out of the backyard. You need to use a soil that’s been purposefully blended for containers. You want to make sure that its blended properly where it falls apart like this and there’s plenty of pockets for air to exist and the soil’s not to compact. Well, I hope that answers your question. And I hope your will continue to grow vegetables in containers. It can be very satisfying. If you have other questions, you can always go to

Post time: Aug-11-2017
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