Well-designed Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Stirrer for Romania Factory

 Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Stirrer for Romania Factory

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Well-designed Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Stirrer for Romania Factory Detail:

Ordinary materials:

The main raw material ingredient extracted from oil and oil resources have been increasingly scarce, all materials are extracted from the oil burning of non-biodegradable will pollute the environment.

Bio-based materials:

The main using starch as raw materials, starch extracted from plants, belonging to the renewable resources is a return to natural environmental degradation products.

Our Biobased cultery:

Our biobased cutlery,”plant-starch” cultery is excellent for hot foods with a heat tolerance up to 110 centigrade.
Compared traditional cutlery made from 100% virgin plastics, this cutlery is made with 70% renewable material,which is a alternative choice.
Our biobased cutlery made from 70% renewable resources, although it is not compostable,but biobased and biodegradable.
The temperature tolerance between -10 to 110 centigrade. Microwave, fridge, freezer and oven friendly.
It is healthy, hygienic, nontoxic, harmless and safty.

Ecogreen  has strong research capability and can deal with a bulk quantity purchase order and customized products.

Welcome to contact with us for more details.

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 Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Stirrer for Romania Factory detail pictures

 Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Stirrer for Romania Factory detail pictures

Well-designed Ecofriendly biodegradable disposable Stirrer for Romania Factory, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: , , ,

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    In China, we have purchased many times, this time is the most successful and most satisfactory, a sincere and realiable Chinese manufacturer!

    5 Stars By Mike 2016-10-22 19:08
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