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  • Introducing Biodegradable Tableware

    In response to growing concerns about environmental sustainability, we are proud to introduce our new line of biodegradable tableware. Our company has been working hard to develop tableware products that are both convenient and environmentally friendly. Our new line of biodegradable tableware is ...
  • Casetify compostable phone case is smart protection

    Every time I have to replace a box, the old box usually ends up being thrown in the trash can or collecting dust somewhere. With Casetify, everything from the packaging to the phone case itself is 100% compostable, so when you need to discard the old phone case, you can know that you are doing yo...
  • The company held the 2020 all staff work conference

    The company held the 2020 all staff work conference

    On the morning of 11.20, Delin Group held the 2020 All Staff Work Conference. The heads of the subordinate branches and departments of the group headquarters all made speeches at the meeting, summarizing the work results and shortcomings of the past year, and reporting t...